Unused Logo on the games files

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i found this cool logo on the game files,is it actually unused?
I believe this is the beta logo for Simpsons Hit&Run

This is really cool!
Yeah, i would assume this is either a quick placeholder they used or a prototype later scaped.
The Logo was originally mean't to appear right infront of the tv in the main menu
Also i found this in a p3d. file.It was on The Simpsons Hit and Run>art>frontend>scrooby>resource>pure3d you can find a p3d file called"Logo_anim" open the p3d file and inside the you will see the logo,if you want it you just extract the logo.bmp file and thats it!
ive replaced all the tv textures with the logo,i know it looks weird but this is the best i could get
Hence the name, It looks like It was meant to be an animated logo.
your right,but ididnt found anymore.Maybe they were scrapped and they forget to delete this frame of the animation
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