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Being new to this site, I was wondering how to import mods into Hit & Run.

Particularly, I would like some help with such mods as vehicles and required hacks. For instance, in order for custom vehicles to work, they require the "Custom Car Support" hack, which I'm not sure I can find in any place.

If you're willing to provide one, a tutorial for this would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Download the Mod Launcher on this website to play mods. The Custom Car Support hack is just a .ini file you can write yourself.
Can you please tell me how to write it? I'm sorry if this seems like a bunch of questions, but I'm new to all of this.
Do you want to play a mod, or make a mod?
Play. I would like to start by getting hacks together for custom car, level and mission support.
There's nothing to write. You just look up some mods on this website, download them, and put them into the Mods folder that would have downloaded along with the Mod Launcher.

If the launcher is saying you're missing hacks, it means you're version of the Mod Launcher is too old and needs an update.
Alright then, so how is the Mod Launcher updated, is it done manually?
you have to install the latest version from this site and move all you're mods to the new version.
You can find the mod launcher here
While I'm getting well into SHAR mods, I am wondering how to install other mods, such as levels.
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