Server upgrade complete - report any issues you find here.

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Hey all,

We just recently upgraded some software running on our server. To ensure a stable process, we briefly pulled the website and tested some functionality that may have broken during the upgrade process.

If you experience any new issues, let us know here and we'll try our best to address it in a timely manner.

I was replying to a thread and I clicked the button to post, but the button disappeared and some strange table with all sorts of writing appeared on the top-right of my screen. Mentioned something about "array" and "donutteam". It eventually disappears, but the post button is replaced with a ".". My posts are still counted if I click on the COMMUNITY tab after it has saved.
I'll investigate that.

EDIT: That issue should be fixed. Thank you for your help, I've awarded you the 'bug hunter' badge.
Found another one; if I click on More > Developer Content System, a larger version of the table appears as the page.

EDIT: Not anymore.
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