Hell Inspector's Mod of Stupidity (BIG UPDATE: V1.25 More Characters, More Fun!) (maybe)

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Here's something I've been working on.

Hell Inspector's Mod of Stupidity!

Its a Multi-Player Mod with some new characters, cars, and textures around the levels.

It maybe a new mod that I made in a quick amount of time but I can assure that
I tried to make it as best as I can.

Mod has 34 Total Characters, 13 Cars, 2 Custom Music Tracks (only Level 1),
and Advertisements and Memes... Everywhere

v2.0 Brings 12 New Characters, 1 New Costume, 4 New Cars, 2 Restored Cars, More Dumb Textures Everywhere, 1 New Music Track for Level 1!

Here's a video showing various things in the mod.

Here's the download!
Download V1.25!

Here's some screenshots I took while testing

The Simpsons: Into the Homer-Verse

idk how to properly caption this but here

Seems Perfectly Fine here....

Nice Background Actually

Homer on a Koopa Shell

Nice Portrait

And thank you to All the People in the Donut Team Discord that helped me with fixing cars and level stuff.
Very nice!

How do you install? in multiplayer
I'm planning on hosting a event for this mod on March 6th at 5:30 CST so I'm putting this here so more people can see. c:
Fun mod I enjoyed the stonecutter remix of wallace and gromit and the kyles mom's song from south park. Could you add Conker, Banjo Kazooie, Kermit, and the Invader Zim characters? Also if you need someone for an event just let me know
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