The Simpsons: Mystery Incorporated (v1.3)

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Hi Tappie,

Thanks for the feedback on the challenges, I'll look into fixing them! I'll also see what I can do about the HUD icons. Unfortunately, I can't recreate your crash in M5, so I don't know what's wrong. Are you using a different language?

The pipe in Shaggy's Tractor doesn't have a collision actually. I suspect the issue is it's very back heavy.

I'm not using a different language, it might have just been a one-off.
hiya, i've played the newer version and i really like all the new updated changes and fixes, the kwik e mart crash appears to be fixed as well but i've ran into a few issues here too.

-in m5, willie in the courtyard can sometimes completely despawn if you walk away from his general area. his icon was displaying but he was nowhere.
-(this one is very situational) same mission, i went around the school to get all the wasps, boxes, cards, etc. and then went into it to get the gags. when i went back to willie, his dialogue trigger was there but he was nowhere to be seen. i, like a complete idiot, thought it would be a great idea to interact with the trigger and the game crashed.

-in m6, i have no earthly idea what could have caused this but on one of my attempts, while i was driving past the simpsons house, the game randomly crashed. really can't think of a reason for this but it's worth mentioning.

looking forward to the next update!
Hey Toasty,

Unfortunately these sort of things aren't really fixable. If it's not happening consistently, I can't find a direct solution. I was hoping the Dynamic Tree Node Entity Limit hack would fix random crashes like that, but I guess not. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, though. I'll put the crashes in the main thread.

If these sort of crashes do keep happening, I'll look into discussing troubleshooting with Donut Team. This has oddly never happened to me, hopefully once it does, I'll get some more information. Thanks!

Another question, you say Willie disappears but his icon is still there. Are you referring to the "talk to" icon from M4? In M5, he shouldn't have an icon. I actually think it might have something to do with Willie being a gag in the school interior.
his minimap icon was there but he wasn't and this wasn't the time i went into the school, i just parked beside him and went to get the wasps and boxes and he was despawned when i returned
I've released a new update, only took seven months. It's incomplete, as there's things I've wanted to do that I've lost the motivation to. There's still cool things I've done in this update that seemed a shame not to show off. I'm discontinuing Mystery Incorporated updates for the time being. Take care.
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