First Person Mod?

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Does Anyone Know How To Make A First Person Mod For SHAR? I've Been Trying to...

First Of All, The First Person Camera Would Replace The Hood Camera When in a vehicle.

And I've Been trying to crack the code on how to change the hood camera position and enable the visibility of the entire car itself

The mod would work best with homer, since his arms are in the right place near the steering wheel on some cars, (Apu And Marge Work Too) Of Course Lisa And Bart Are Smaller Characters They Wouldn't Work One Bit!
If Anyone Manages To Create This Mod....... Hurray! Or Not..... AWWWWWW
Ahem, Or Please Don't Hesitate to tell me why this mod isn't possible....

Thanks! -Listentomyfart465

I truly Agree with you I would love to see this mod up and running but I don't think it can be that easy but maybe sooner or later it can be possible
There's already a first-person view when inside of vehicles that can be enabled, but as for on-foot... I'm not too sure if it would be possible.
I agree :D
@DeepFriedBurger How Do You Enable This "First Person?"
It's available when inside a vehicle by pressing the key which you have set to change the camera, which you can set in the options menu. You will need to press this button twice.

I believe that's a hood camera I think what @Listentomyfart465@YouTube

wants like a camera from the car interior view

I know this video is fake but here's a perceptive on what i'm talking about///

Yeah, Just Like That!!
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