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What other soundtracks within the game could fit in missions because lets say l3m7 what other soundtrack would fit or l4m5 what other soundtrack could fit into missions within the game

(the main reason im asking this is is because im changing music in my mod)
Level 3 Mission 5 might work well with the "The Fat and Furious/Return Of The Nearly-Dead/And Baby Makes Eight/Duff For Me, Duff For You/Alien "Auto" Topsy Part III"'s music track, Level 4 Mission 5 would work well with the "Ketchup Logic/From Outer Space" music track, and Alien "Auto" Topsy Part III would work really well with the music from "Better Than Beef/Bonfire Of The Manatees/Redneck Roundup".
But generally for any mission in the game what other soundtracks would work for that mission for instance like l4's sunday drive might be better suited with what sound track or l3m4 might be suited with what soundtrack
Level 3 Mission 4 might work better with the Milking The Pigs/There's Something About Monty track.
I mean like every mission in the game if they didn't have the soundtrack they use right now what ones would work in their place
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