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Hello. For those people who do not know me (which is about 30% of active users, given that I frequently create topics), I am Deep(possibly)FriedBurger.
Today I am here to announce the opening of a service I'll be starting.

The Service

Planning a SHaR mission is tough, especially if you want it to feel authentic and comparable to the missions found in the vanilla game. This is why I've decided to open this service.

My service allows anyone to get in contact with me and I will assist them with mission planning.

How to+Policy

Simply contact me via my email, which can be located on the "About" section of my YouTube Account.

A bit of a policy here: Unless you directly instruct me, I am not allowed to leak information out to the public. Any info provided will only be shared between me and the person who I am assisting.

Well, I look forwards to helping you!
This is very cool i'm glad your doing this to help people but i'm not quite understanding are you going to tell them how to beat the mission or on how to make there own custom mission when they give you there idea?

The general idea is to help people in planning custom missions. This can include things like difficulty tweaks, feedback on things like the missions being very obvious filler that could be more interesting, etc.
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