C.K Fighters/First Night FINAL Download

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Hi. I had to finished a Mod of you guys really can't wait, tomorrow I had to do voices of Japanese like all. but Todd and Rod will stay English. Minecraft Characters I use my skins. and Japanese Voices from Fate/Unlimited Codes.

私はあなたのモッズを終えなければなりませんでしたみんな本当に待つことができません、明日私はすべてのように日本語の声をしなければなりませんでした。 しかし、トッドとロッドは英語のままです。 Minecraftのキャラクター私は自分のスキンを使用しています。 運命/無制限コードからの日本の声。

here is a link for a BETA:
Download BETA
There are a lot of unmodified voice clips in this mod. You didn't need to include them if you were going to edit them later.
I just edit minecraft texture with using my skins and it work. I need to work another japanese voices.
here is a final game mod I have finished the mod
You should've used the first topic it's fine to bump it if you're updating it
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