Traffic In Shortcuts

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How do you get the traffic to drive on shortcut roads? For example, thru the power plant.
Go into the "developer" tab in the mod launcher, and right-click on the "Debug Test" option, and choose "Settings". In the window that opens up, open the "Vehicles" tab and scroll down until you see a checkbox that says "Override Maximum Cars". Check this box, but don't change anything else. Click "OK", and enable the "Debug Test" mod. The traffic cars will now drive in most (but not all) shortcut routes.
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Basically locations with roadnodes but the cars may glitch with some routes
In addition to Akshio's reply, a few select locations in each map (such as parts of the Matlock Expressway in Level 2 and 5) do not have "road nodes" placed on them, meaning that AI controlled vehicles (including traffic) cannot drive over them. This will be changeable when the Map Builder tool is released.
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