What Are You're Favourite Traffic Vehicles?

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The Simpsons: Hit & Run has a rather large amount of vehicles, used, or unused to unlock that a lot of the time we find ourselves never using the traffic vehicles. Whay are you're favourite?

For me, in no particular order:

  • Nuclear Waste Truck
  • Glastruc
  • Fish Van
  • Taxi
  • Vote Quimby Truck
  • Coffin Car
  • Burns' Armored Truck
Ice Cream Truck
Sports car A and B
Mini School Bus
Sedan B (Due to its looks and the engine sound) < Most Favorite

Sports Car A (Due to looks and sound)

Taxi (Due to its engine sound)

SUV (Due to its durability and engine sound and looks)

Witch Broom (Due to how funny you look on it)
For me (also in no particular order)
Vote Quimby truck (obvious reasons)
Itchy & Scratchy Movie truck since it helps you get cards on level 6 and it also plays a tune
Nuclear Waste truck, i think it looks different and really has that appeal factor
Skeleton Coffin Car, the dead are your friends!
And the unused Phineas Q. Butterflat's 5600 Flavor Ice Cream truck (the best one in my opinion, it's an ice cream truck, it plays a tune and has A GIANT MARGE HEAD IN TOP OF IT)
For me they are:

Glass Truck (the way it looks)
Sports Car A and B (they are pretty good)
Taxi (decent car)
Ice Cream Truck (unused vehicle, would have been nice to be a traffic vehicle in the main game, as I like its jingle and the way it looks)
Coffin Car and the Witch Broom, mostly because of how funny it looks when Homer sits on those vehicles.
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Mine is probably that one sports car that looks like a Porsche 928.
My two favorites are probably the Nuclear Waste Truck and the Garbage Truck myself, honestly.

The Nuclear Waste Truck's waste barrel geometry just feels generally pleasing to me, honestly. It's a bit of a weird car to include in Level 4 and not Level 1, but I still appreciate it's inclusion since it makes the Power Plant feel more 'alive' with the workers actively exploring the map.

Garbage Truck is just really well put together for a traffic card in terms of detail. It's also kind of interesting in that it's the only traffic car used in a story mission (Never Trust A Snake).
I think the Nuclear Waste Truck's exclusion from Level 1 comes down to how Traffic Vehicles are set up in a Level. Each Level generally contains two Traffic Vehicles that are exclusive to that Level, and a blend of Traffic Vehicles that appear across all Levels, such as Pickup Truck, Minivan, etc.

There are exceptions to this, though. As you stated, Level 4's Garbage Truck appears in Level 5-Mission 5, Never Trust a Snake, Level 3 only has one exclusive Traffic Vehicle, the Fish Van, and naturally, all of Level 7's Traffic Vehicles are exclusive.

Anyways, the Nuclear Waste Truck probably couldn't be added to Level 1 due to Level 1's exclusive Traffic Vehicles only really making sense in the Level 1 environment. If the Mini School Bus was placed into any other Level, it would make no sense as School would have already started or ended. The Glastruc can't be placed in any other Level as it could cause conflict with the plot (except in Levels 2 and 3), as from then onwards, Buzz Cola is deemed as evil by all of the protagonists.
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