Team Protix Hit & Run Profixed Edition (Updated 06/07/2019)

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Get your engines roaring folks as its time to get smashing, dashing, and crashing. Team Protix Profixed Edition is definitely a mod that gives Donut Mod 4 competition.

Experience a story that has never been seen before in the world of SHAR modding. Miguel Coquelin and his best friends Pro the Orange, Steve Coss, Ugandan Peter da NEET, and Maxime the Hedgehog go on some of the wildest adventures collecting footballs and PS4 games. Until one day the evil Mad Guiavarc'h and his fearsome henchmen start to cause trouble in the neighborhood.

With their skills in driving cool cars and help from Halo Car and Mr. Nob, Miguel and friends try to restore peace in the town and bring these super villains to their knees. Also, you help Peter get a job.

This mod is like no other as not only do you get the entire 7 levels of extreme badassery as well as a refreshing new storyline, but you also get several new vehicles and characters that make the game come to life.

"This mod is really good" - Loren Goodwin
"It's better than the original in every way" - The man who made Hit and Run
"This is the most atrocious mod ever made" - Nobody
"I like it" - Mark Zukenburg

If these people can't convince you to play it, Then I don't know what can.

So here's a download link below.

Happy Modding.

One more thing to note, I am allowed to release this as it's been fixed to agree with the terms of service plus Protix asked me to fix the mod in the original thread in order for it to be allowed on this forum. And for some reason, a few people want to play this mod.
Best mod that ever existed, bravo!
my game crashes whenever i want to buy new clothes.
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