Annoy Squidward: New Features (APRIL FOOLS)

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Some new features from my mod, Annoy Squidward! This will be completely brand new and even more ambitious than Donut Mod 4 and Team Protix combined.

  • SpongeBob is now Peter Griffin.
I thought that SpongeBob was too square of a character to use in the mod.

  • The rich side is now blocked off.
I felt as though the rich side being accessible in Annoy Squidward was the dumbest thing in existence, so I got rid of it. You can thank me later.

  • All the text in the game now says STOP PLAYING THIS AND PLAY MULTI-MEME, and Squidward is replaced with a malformed Rick Sanchez.
Rick really makes the mod feel more real. No one's going to believe a Squidward can sleep when a SpongeBob is peering into his house through his window.

Last but not least...
  • All versions of the mod, including the one-mission version released for Colou's contest, are now only playable through online DRM.
You must connect to my official gaming server; the only problem being that I don't own one. Until then, good luck trying to play Annoy Squidward without seeing this!

Thank you for reading, and I will see you on the flip side.
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EDIT: This was before Nightbane added the "April Fools" part of the title.

Not only was it not necessary to bump this, but you didn't see when this was made.
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