Donut Mod 4: General Discussion (Level 1 Public Beta Available Now!)

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The Buzz Cola Corporation unveils their plans to open a new factory in Springfield.
The townspeople rejoice as the expansion brings new jobs to their humble town.
However, there is something with darker intentions lurking.
It is brewing a darker plan for the future.
A conspiracy brewing in Springfield.
And one family is about to be at the heart of it all.

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What is Donut Mod 4?

Donut Mod is a full campaign mod modeled after Hit & Run's original campaign. The main goal is to have a significantly more polished and fleshed out experience.

When completed, the 4th major version will feature all of the following content spanning the first 4 levels of the game:
  • Two difficulty modes.
    • Take it easy with Normal Mode.
    • Amp up the challenge with Hellfish Mode!
  • All new story missions, 29 in total.
  • All new bonus missions, 4 in total.
  • All new challenge missions, 12 in total.
    • These missions replace street races and feature more varied objectives and new hosts.
  • 4 taxi missions.
    • These are a new type of mission that replaces the Wager Races.
    • In these missions, you will play a set of back-to-back passenger delivery objectives to earn money.
    • Each level will have a large set of routes that are randomly chained together based on their start and end points making for thousands of possible combinations.
    • You get individually paid for each passenger delivered as well as a bonus for completing a set.
    • The payments will be increased on Hellfish mode to accommodate the higher difficulty.
  • Modified versions of the original 3 maps.
  • The brand new Industrial Zone map.
  • Dozens of new and modified vehicles.
  • All new outfits for every player character as well as some for NPC characters.
  • 28 new collector cards.
  • 120 wasp cameras.
  • A new high definition HUD.
  • Some new music tracks.

What's available in the public beta version?

The public beta version includes all of the content in Level 1:
  • Two difficulty modes.
  • 8 new story missions.
  • 1 new bonus mission.
  • 3 new challenge missions.
  • The first taxi mission.
    • 91 routes available in this version.
    • Most routes don't support Hellfish mode in this version and there will be no extra rewards on these routes. There will still be a bonus for completing the shift on Hellfish though so take advantage of that while you can!
    • This mission is planned to become a forced car mission in the future, however, unique locators are needed for every destination as the mission can end at any one of them. For this reason, we have not implemented this yet.
  • A modified version of the original Level 1 map.
  • 6 new vehicles.
  • 4 new costumes.
  • 7 new collector cards.
  • 30 wasp cameras.
  • The new high definition HUD.
    • Most of the HUD is complete but some parts are still untouched.
  • One new music track.

More Videos

Spoiler: Level 4 Gameplay Trailer

Spoiler: Old Level 1 Mission 7 Gameplay Demonstration

Spoiler: Original Teaser Trailer


Download the Donut Mod 4: Level 1 Public Beta on the downloads page.

Version History

Spoiler: 4.0-PB2 (Current Version)

Beta Specific Fixes

Fixed a Lua execution error on startup with certain builds of the game.


  • Changed "Developed by Donut Team" to "Created by Donut Team" in the credits.
  • Replaced all instances of "SIMPSON'S" in text with "SIMPSONS'".


Main Menu
  • Added a new sprite for the set of 3 collector cards in the scrapbook.
  • Moved the scrapbook level select arrows further apart.
Loading Screen
Fixed an issue where the loading bar was not hidden when switching between missions in the same level.


  • Added collision to the small light fixtures in the new areas of the power plant.
  • Moved one of the power plant doors to actually be on the wall.

Mission 7

Added drivers to the surveillance vans.

Taxi Mission

Added a new route featuring Monkey Man.

Spoiler: 4.0-PB1

Initial Beta Release.


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  • Project Donut: Revisit the project's humble beginnings by downloading the open source version of Donut Mod 1, also known as Project Donut.
  • Donut Mod 3: Try out the current stable release from 2015 that features 3 levels of content.
  • Tales of Springfield: Check out an unedited and unfiltered concept document for the cancelled Project Donut sequel.
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April 1st, 2019, My cousin made a birthday today, you know? It's a prank, right? Do not have a link? right... Loren "Duck" Goodwin?!
The download is here.
[removed]2 weeks
Oh my bad, I managed to mess up that link both times. Give it a go now.
no! here: Link Here!!!
ok Loren, no problem, only level 1? ok Loren ok...
Very nice!
Oh Loren this not is decompiled and I want it so much change the sedan of the homer, how I do for decompile?
This mod is not decompilable.
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