Third Unused Level 7 Rich Side Audio Cue?

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This appeared on the comments section for a YouTube video regarding the cut Level 7 Rich Side of Springfield:

TwistedSkull73: too bad no one really talks about the 3rd removed sound that would have played at burns door
Marioplayer96: There's a third unused sound? I don't know if I've ever heard that one.
TwistedSkull73: @Marioplayer96 the sound has a broken file route but it would have played at mr burns door, the sounds would play at random, they are a pig screaming and Jimbo saying "you better run"

I know it's YouTube, and comments can be misleading, but can someone please look into this?

TwistedSkull73 is me bud
Can you show me this third unused audio cue in some way?
Alright. I just noticed that TCRF has been edited to include information about this, but states that they would play "somewhere near the Burns' Manor". Can someone create a mod where they are added to the Level 7 Map (with correct filepaths so the game doesn't crash), and play this mod along with the Rich Side Restoration Mod, and find out exactly where these would play?
There is a locator present near the location of what was supposed to be Burns' Mansion - I checked it, and unfortunately the sounds don't play and crash the game, because in level07.spt the filepath to these two lines is incorrect
The same two sounds are supposed to play on top of the water tower(Or a grain silo? I'm not sure what's that thing) near the barn shortcut, but these sounds don't play aswell for some reason, this time everything's correct, but I just didn't managed to hear both of them for some reason
Yes, but can you fix the incorrect filepath in a mod, and then play that mod along with the Rich Side Restoration Mod, so it can be found exactly where they play?
I could try
Please. I am very curious. Perhaps a little too curious.
Let me know (in a YouTube video?) if you accomplish anything, Also, this whole thing mystifies me. Such random clips at such random locations.
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