Real Damage Mod or Fuel Mod

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I was wondering if it's possible for someone to make a mod when the car is in critical condition it slows down and around 80% or 90% damage is very slow (lower the specs of the car)
tighter handling (cant move as much)
slower acceleration
cap the top speed (around 80% - 90% its like around 10 or like 20 MPH)

and for the Fuel mod....

It would be cool if all the cars can have different gas tanks sizes and the bar should be green for a gas indicator
level 1 can be the gas station to fill up same as level 4 also level 3 and 6 do have gas stations also if someone can put radius circle to trigger for you to fill up your car...

for the other levels that would be a bit harder since they have no gas stations...

for the electric cars like the Electaurus and the hover car they should have blue or light blue or electric indicator bar and to charge them you have to apply the breaks or stay idling

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