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What is Will's Mod Creator?
Will's Mod Creator is a C# tool designed for quick creation of mod folders; without the hassle of manually copy pasting files, and typing huge blocks of text. Its aim is to make assembling a mod hassle free.

This was a tool I developed in 2017, but was never satisfied with till now.

The tool is simple to use, input whatever information you see fit. The compile path field doesn't require you to type an extension.

  • All 30+ currently documented RequiredHacks
  • Majority of the RequiredHacks output templates based off of Donut Team documentation.
  • Exports everything you ask for into a neatly compiled mod folder.

Features to come
  • Tweak hacks via a settings form
  • More sample modification icons

You can view a lot of the progress on this tool here too.
You have no idea how many people this will please.
Just noticed a very idiotic bug i should have patched before releasing this. If your XML files are causing the game not to open. I've patched it. I'll commit to the github real soon.

EDIT: Patched, tool is all good now! (17:49 uk)

EDIT 2: Last hotfix (19:23 uk), removed the xml hacks without documentation, providing blanks for the undocumented hacks crashed the game. Doesn't make sense to include hacks not many people know how to use.
This is an awesome idea. Gonna check it out

EDIT: It's perfect, awesome work!
Just tried this out. I think it's great so far.. nice and easy to use
Nice to see you back, dude! Great tool.
Wow man this is awesome
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