What's Your Story With SHaR?

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Hello everyone,
Bit late to the party but my story started for SHAR started around 2004-2005 when a friendly neighbour gave my family a used PS2 and a copy of SHAR (Platinum version), those memories I cherish to this day, I had to wait a week because SHAR PS2 was only Duel shock 2 compatible (PS2 Controller) and we had a Duel shock controller (PS1 Controller), after that I got PS2 controller and spent most of my time on Homer 1 (I'm one of those guys :-D) and mostly had fun just driving around and completing missions at my own leisure.

In terms of difficulty for me was Monkey See Monkey D'oh (Level 2: Mission 6) where for some reason was really hard for me to gather the monkeys in the time limit, but we all have those moments of questioning our younger selves capabilities towards gaming; I do also remember the Alien "Auto"topsy Part II (Level 7: Mission 6) also pushed me to my limits to.

To prevent me going on for another decade my favourite levels are Homer 1 (of course) because whenever I think of SHAR I think of Homer 1 but I also like Lisa's level more for the setting with the beautiful sunset overlooking Springfield creating a soothing atmosphere personally; my favourite vehicle in the game is Mr Burns' Limo because it looks awesome and it's a pretty decent vehicle in terms of stats, the Monster Truck was a personal favourite as a kid because it was BIG

Overall I love this game a lot and I could go on forever about this game, I'm glad people cherish this game as much as I do and I hope everyone has a great day.
For as long as I can remember.. I was born in 2003 and the latest console we had until 2011 (when we got a Wii) was the PlayStation. We had a fair few games but the one I always came back too was hit and run. I used to spend my whole weekends just playing it and role playing around Springfield and making my own story. As I got older i begun to play more "mature for a 7-9 year old" games like star wars battlefront and Ultimate spider man but I still every now and again came back to Hit and Run and just drive around.

I got older and older and still played Hit and Run every now and then on the PS2 when I wasn't playing Mine craft on my brothers Xbox 360.

Then one Christmas in 2015, I unwrapped my PS4... I was soo excited and with the arrival of that PS4, we packed all my PS2 stuff into the loft. A couple of years go by and I hadn't played the PS2 in that time, I was playing with my new PS4. Then, I cant remember when, I started to watch Liquid speedrun it on youtube, then I saw multiplayer mod on his channel... Thats how I found DT.

I made a DT account under the name "Streety" and then changed it to "CoolChinBro" and it was like that for a while, then I decided I would contribute to the community and start speed-running, as you could guess i wasn't good at it and never published my 2 runs I did, then for some reason I decided to make a mod and made the "Cars and Crap Mod" which was just a simple car re texture mod and isnt on my account anymore but I do still have the file.

Then I watched liquid play SOS and I thought "WOW", I didnt know this stuff was even possible. I just started to learn programming so I was interested in scripting and that sort of stuff.So I made my own mod "Operation Wiggum" which was good for a very first mod but I knew it was rubbish so taking that mod as some sort of experience I made Moe the Vigilante.

That mod got to my suprise some good feedback from the community, not great but an ok mod. So I started to work on another "Officer Bart" and I decided for this mod i should make some interiors like all the other popular mods, my fist attempt at an interior was rubbish Pic , I had no Idea hot to use blender. I watched a few blender tutorials so I could leran the basics and made some more interiors and posted them on twitter. Thats when Gordon saw them and messaged me if I could make some interiors for SNoire and joined his team...

But why did I originally want to contribute to the community in some way and somehow get to here? Well, I had no Idea about this hidden gem of a community and how would others if people didn't help it grow. I have always been a fan the simpsons and nostalgic about this game and would hate to see this community not live on.

I think its truly amazing what mods this community creates and the tools which Donut Team have made for people to use for free.
I got it when i was 9 because i wasnt allowed gta and i was a big fan of the simpsons. I was originally going to get the simpsons game but i only had a pc so i couldnt
I first heard of The Simpson's through Hit and Run when I saw my Dad playing it when I was 3. I wasn't allowed to play on my dad's xbox back then because I was known for throwing stuff when I got mad and he didn't want me to break his system or the TV, but when I was 7 I got to play it for the first time and loved it. It took me a whole year to beat since it was one of the first games I ever played but I loved it never the less. My Dad's xbox sadly broke, (not cuz of me tho) but when I was 12 I got another copy of hit and run for GameCube and still enjoy playing it. I was obsessed with it trying to find ways to hack my disc so I could play as other characters in different levels and even had ideas about custom missions and adding character and cars from other games in hit and run like Multi Meme way before NightBane's channel even existed. I even spent hours collecting every coin possible thinking that if I could possibly collect them till the game wouldn't let me anymore I'd unlock a special bonus or sometimes I'd mess with the cheats and find any glitch I possibly could like if you put certain cars on a tombstone in level 7 and ground pound them to make them fly or even getting inside the simpson's kitchen and other non accessible places way before the boundary break video, if only I had YouTube back then. Then somehow I found out about Donut Mod and hacks like Multimeme and was blown away. I couldn't believe their were more people like me obsessed with this cult classic. I myself wish I could make custom characters and mods but sadly I'm just not THAT good with computers, that's why I suggest characters since I can't make them myself. But I do someday plan on somehow learning it.
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