Character modeling problem

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I've tried to create a Waluigi p3d file, i've mananged to make Waluigi model OBJ with textures appear in both composite drawdable and skin sections of the p3d.
As i Start the game, It crashes on level loading. What have i done wrong?
Did you delete the eyeball_m shader? Or rename it?
I deleted It, as the Waluigi model included an Eye shader i used.
An animation is trying to reference that shader, since you deleted it, it's causing the error. You can either restore the shader, or delete the animation, the animation controller, and remove it from the multi controller.
I deleted all the animations/multi controllers, only leaving the composite drawdable, the skin and the shaders. I also deleted the original eyeball shader, i have there shaders: Waluigi_body, Waluigi_hat and waluigi_eye, this used for eyes.
Do not delete the multicontroller. I said remove the eye animation track from the Multicontroller.
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