Mission creating tutorial

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So, I've noticed that it has been a while since Gordon CMB had done tutorials about modding SHAR. I've been waiting for a mission creating tutorial that could help me with creating missions for my own campaign mods.

That said, does anyone know about a good tutorial for making missions, or if Gordon can continue the tutorial series?
There is a basic tutorial on creating missions here, but I'm not sure if all of the information found within it is 100% reliable as it was created around three years ago and things have changed since then with the Mod Launcher, etc.
I took a little break from modding in general(which includes tutorials, and basically the entire SHaR('cause I had some stuff IRL to do, got tired off SHaR in general, and started learning Deustch ohne Grund)), but now I feel like I should continue, so, some tutorials may start coming again
I'm not sure when, but I'll try working on them as soon as I can :p
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