A New Simpsons Hit and Run Cop Mod & New Outfits for Marge Simpson

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Hello my name is Kevin, I'm still new here
So I'm just making a small request here,

I would like to see more outfits for Marge Simpson
She's one of my favorite characters in the game.
I really like the Cop outfit for Marge
but I always dreamed about Marge Simpson as a Sexy Cop outfit
I want a sexy cop outfit for Marge with her wearing blue jeans & just a sexy black bra on top & black high heels that would be a
awesome outfit for her. + that hot purple dress she wore on one of those later episodes & her Red Muscle Posing Suit too.

I would like to see more Cop Mods added & maybe like a Free Roam Cop Mod where you can
chase bad guys in the game & more Police Cars added as well.

I'm just brainstorming here for a bit

I would love to see this in the game & play it would be so cool.
You should probably join the Discord, there may be someone on there willing to make a mod for you.
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