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hey guys I'm midway threw making my mod but I'm struggling to make a fake destination. for example in the last mission of the game you run in to the black sedan on your way to the ufo.
There actually isn't really any tricks to this. You just set the destination to when you want to trigger the car like so:
Now that the destination doesn't have a carsphere, the player won't be able to tell where the destination is, just the direction.
This will remove the carpshere completely, including the radar, so the player won't be able to see the destination without direct directions. It's better to go into mission's P3D file (in arts/missions/level0Y, titled "mX.p3d". If you want to tinker with Level 1 Mission 1 for example, the destination folder will be titled level01, and the mission P3D is m1.p3d)
So, next you've gotta find the desired locator, open it up and copy one of the trigger chunks. Then open the game, but do not save the P3D yet. Once the game is running, select the level you are changing stuff in, then all you gotta do, is find a position for the newly copied trigger. After you found a good spot, click "From Game" button in the P3D editor while the trigger chunk is selected, this will automatically set the coordinates of the trigger area to the position your character is ingame. Then you should adjust Half Extents, personally, I'd wrote 16 for X and Z and 4-6 for Y. You can go with any Half Extents you want, but don't go too low or too high, since in the first case the trigger will be easily skippable, while in the second it can activate halfway through the entire map
thanks you two always so helpful
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