Danny's Beta Restoration (v3.1)

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@DeepFriedBurger i decided not to include them yet, but maybe i will include them once we know how to get rid of all the issues with blow-up doll and moleman in Cadillac.
About that... I went back to the mod and checked, and every "re-enabled" Gag from Level 4 and onwards don't seem to load. I am trying to fix this. Also, what's left of Moleman In Cadillac does load, but only in Level 3.
Yeah, the only gags that seem to work are the bird/bat crow gag and the merry-go-round gag. The Others don't work.
The others do work. It's just that the Blow-Up Doll has a bug, Moleman In Cadillacnwas left in an unfinished state, and that they don't appear in Levels 4 and up. Those are the only bugs that I am aware of.
I think the blow-up doll doesn't have a bug, it's just a hard-code in the Simpsons.exe that prevennts the model from loading.
DeepFriedBurger Is now parte of the developing team! Stay tuned for more info.
@Femenia, can you give me the beta icons you said you have?
Hi,DHMISFan Sorry for not answering you for 3 months,the mod crashes when i start it up,i guess thats ny computer's fault,i dont know,and about the beta icons,can you give me your email or something so i can send them to you?

Femenia :)
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