The Simpsons Hit & Run - Bewitched Springfield UNOFFICIAL release! (Updated: 09.15.2019)

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Hello, as promised here's the link to unofficial release of the Bewitched Springfield mod.


Use at your own risk, this mod is not yet fully debugged.
P.S. the mod will be found in the "unreleased" tab in launcher.

Update 09.15.2019:
-Updated mod poster.
[removed]5 months
right on the last mission and failed the first time but some things i would change is add 10 seconds to every timer as the time is quite tight for a lot of the missions and dont make as much paid barriers it just slows the game right down and annoys me personally last thing is i cant complete the game as mission 6 makes you do all races but the race was not found is this meant to happen but apart from that you have made a fantastic mod keep up the good work
Hello, mason12310,

1. What do you mean by "paid barriers"?

2. And not sure aswell what do you mean by the "race was not found" thing. If you mean that you didn't find all the races, these are the locations: Milhouse at the stonecutters tunel, Nelson by the Wolfcastle mansion (near the stunt jump infront of Burns mansion), and Ralph is by the bridge to the suburb area. If this is not what you meant, then I'm not sure.

Other than that, thanks for your feedback, but I didn't really want to make the mod easy, tho I might consider making the first level A BIT easier.
hello ,MorganVain

1.what i mean about the paid barriers is how much stuff you need to buy before doing a mission maybe make the costumes a tiny bit less expensive or something

2 when going on to mission 6 you need to complete the races but when i went to nelson it came up that the race was not found and crashed my game dont know if this is meant to happen

apart from that this is a great mod and i really like what you have done to the power plant and cant wait to see what updates comes out for it and i understand about you not making the mod too easy so ignore that part
Huh? I'll look into the Nelson race, thanks for the notice. Not sure what could've caused the crash...

just tried again came up that the file was not found hope this helps you

could sent it to you thought discord if you want
Sure, my nick is @MadameGenocide
ok send you it
File update:

L1SR2 - fixed missing file bug.
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