How Multiplayer Works?

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Hi all, I just discovered this and im loving it! I just have a quick question

Can someone explain to me how i can play multiplayer with my friends? How do I become the host of a game and then let all my friends join.
Thanks, the help would mean a lot
Hey there!
To use multiplayer, you and all of your friends must register an account here, then, everyone has to download SHaR to get multiplayer running. You can find multiplayer itself here
Then, launch it, click "Account..." and write down your username and password, after you've logged in, you're basically done, there is no servers, there are only sessions
For example, you can't play in the same session with people who launched a specific mod or a mutator. To enable mutators, simply go to the mutators tab in the multiplayer launcher.
Allow Explosions mutator will let players create an animation and a sound of explosion by pressing G button on a keyboard. In the sessions list, this mutator is represented by a bomb icon
Cops and Robbers will let players be visible as a police AI on a map (only to other players) while using these cars: Hearse, Black Sedan, Police Car, Police AI Car. In the sessions list, this mutator is represented by a policeman icon
Mirror Mode will simply reverse all maps ingame
No Cheats will disable any cheats, since all cheats are enabled by default
And, to use mods in a multiplayer, you need to download any mod LMLM file, and drag and drop it to the multiplayer launcher executable (Here's a video on that)

That's pretty much it, hope I helped!
@Gordon CMB

Thanks for the help, I really appricate you taking the time to help me :D
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