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Hi, I'd like to ask some questions about the demo phase of the game:
On TCRF, I've read about some demo of the game released in 2003:
  • The May 2003 IGN demo, which is the earliest one;
  • The E3 and Next Level demos, which both are dated about July 2003;
  • The August 2003 IGN demo;
  • The September 2003 GameSpot demo.

Now, i know it may be a dumb/useless/unauthorized question, but i'd like to know if anyone on the forum owns one of these or knows where to get them (also referring to Staff Members). If yes, PM me on Discord and i'll give my email.

PS: I noticed that, in a screen of the september demo, there are still 3d char icons and a early mission loading screen design. But, why aren't these in the july ps2 prototype too?
Same here. If anyone does own any of there, please send it to my email,

I'm particularly interested in the Next Level one.
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