I'm Having Trouble Joining Discord

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This isn't really SHaR related, but it seems like the most appropriate place to ask, given that most users here have accounts on Discord. I attempted to create an account, but made a typo when it came to typing my email address, and clicked to send the email. I didn't realise this for a while, and when I did, I attempted to change what email address it was sending the message to. I typed the correct email address, clicked for it to send the email, and it told me that my email was "already registered". I am going to assume that this is because it was just one typo, hence there was only a one-letter difference, and could therefore be considered as too similar? How do I fix this?
Well, i don't think it's because the two emails are "too similar"; maybe you have done that typo again, and the email was said as already registered. IF not, try to close and open your browser/terminating the DIscord App task. It may be just a server error.
Nope, I did type it correctly. Also this has been happening for about a month now, not just today, so the opening/closing my Browser thing won't work either.
Do you have another email?
Try looking at this man having your problem:
It may be because someone else has registered with his email being same as yours. It may be a coincidence, as your email Is pretty common.
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