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This Folder contains a number of beta assets for The Simpsons: Hit & Run. These include:

  • A lot of screenshots from beta builds.
  • The PC Demo build of the game (Includes ISO and packaging/disc scans).
  • The content found on the PR Asset Discs.
  • Some beta videos, including the IGN Sizzle Reel, E3 Trailer, early versions of the game's Introduction cutscene, Flowers By Irene cutscene, Level 1 Introduction cutscene, and 500 Yard Gash cutscene. Also all of IGN's pre-release gameplay videos.
  • Beta screenshots from the game's Manual.
  • Links to pre-release articles on the internet.

I could not include the PlayStation 2 prototype of the game as it would be piracy, which is strictly forbidden on these forums.

Download Link:!zmQnDQqY!yXIYaovfx39XeTy-R2gaxg

EDIT (15/12/2019): Link is down. In the future, I might replace it.
I don't think distributing the Beta is Piracy but that does make sense, anyways it's really cool how you have made this thanks
The distribution of the PlayStation 2 prototype would be piracy as it is a working copy of the game, with all features added.

This update adds more beta videos, as well as two new Folders.
do you need to re-download the file for the new one to work
Yes. Delete the old one, though, if you want to save on space.
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