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Hello people, it's Gordon, and I have some good/bad news:
3 years I've been actively creating mods for The Simpsons Hit and Run, but today I have decided to end my "modding career" and quit for good
Why would I do that? There's three main reasons
1. The quality of my mods is a no-go, only one mod out of 7(2 of which are discontinued, one's a global disaster and the rest is still beta or a minor mod) is actually pretty good(at least I think so), even though it wasn't finished completely
2. I'm gonna focus on speedrunning (this summer at least), so, you get the idea
3. And the main reason - I lost any interest in modding whatsoever. Yeah, surely it was fun at first, but I don't feel like modding anymore - the process of modding just became boring and tedious, so what's the point of making mods if you don't enjoy doing it?
What will happen to WIP mods and some other projects when I quit?
CMBT - Is going to be disbanded, I will not take any requests even though nobody really cared
Launcher and Game translations - Will still be supported and updated even though nobody really cares
Waylon's Story - Is gonna be discontinued
Set To Kill - Is gonna be cancelled, but still gonna be released so that people can play it. It's "mostly" complete, so...
Apu's Quest and two extra mods I had planned - Not gonna touch them under any circumstances
SHaR Restoration and other minor mods - Discontinued as well
Tutorial Series - will probably continue, not so sure about it
Do note that the mods will be open-sourced, since you'll need those assets more than I will ;)

Nonetheless, I will still stick around, try to beta-test mods if I can and help others, you know, like I usually do but without modding stuff, you won't even probably notice
I kinda feel bad for quitting, but that's it, don't feel like modding anymore tho, so, hope you understand, had a great time modding this game!
I may come back into modding and dis-discontinue everything, especially if something magical happens, but that's very unlikely
Well, that's news alright. Pretty sad to here about you halting production of the mods (I actually enjoyed your mods, Homer's Adventure was really good), but at least you are not leaving Donut Team for good.

Good luck with streaming on Twitch, I'll try and watch when possible.
Well, I only hope you'll release Set To Kill - I was actually excited for that one. Best of luck with everything, dude.
I've always liked your mods, but if you don't enjoy what you're doing there's not much point to continue! Good luck with your speedrunning and for the future.
It was a pleasure testing your mods. Good luck with speedrunning, sure you'll get better times than me :)
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I'm sorry to hear that, Gordon. I have been looking forward to play your more recent mods that I haven't had the chance to play yet. Such as Homer the Detective, Set to Kill and SHAR Restoration. I will certainly play these this summer and then I will give my opinion on them at least.

As for your other mods, don't feel bad. I actually enjoyed playing your mods.
Homer's Adventure was pretty good, aside from some annoying bugs/crashes that happened sometimes, as well as some missions being a bit unbalanced but at least most of these issues were fixed in latest release.
Springfield Noire was also ok and had potential to be amazing based on the premise alone of playing as an original character but suffered from rushing and as result had many problems throughout. I don't think I've experienced the infamous save game bug that was mentioned on the mod's topic, as far as I remember from the version you gave me in past months, so it might have been fixed in meantime or I got very lucky.
Waylon's Story was also good but much like the other mods mentioned, suffered a bit from bugs.

The other mods mentioned I haven't played yet but I will give my thoughts when I get to play them in next month.

Overall I can understand why you think your mods aren't that good compared to the other mods released by the community but I don't think you should be so harsh with yourself. To me the mods were good enough and I would personally rate them like an 8/10, they just lacked polish and needed a bit more time spent testing and then release instead of releasing them in unfinished state. At this moment I understand you cancelled the mods and will most likely not even bother fixing current issues but since you will release the source of the mods, I hope someone will take over them and fix current issues, that's all I'm asking. I don't think there's need to add any missing missions (if there are any, example bonus missions and/or challenges that are missing in existing levels from the mods), just hope that all remaining bugs will be squished and in case of missing bonus missions/challenges, hope the person hosting them will be removed from the map to prevent crash when talking to them.

Good luck with speedrunning! I'm curious if you will just speedrun the main game or mods as well? I recommend at first speedrunning the original SHAR and then when you feel ready, you can speedrun a couple of mods.
Thats Sad to Hear, I thought your mods were some of the best in the community and you shouldnt be to harsh on yourself. However if like you said you werent enjoying it anymore and it began to feel more like a chore rather than a passion/hobby it was probrably the right call to make. Good luck in your Speedrunning though, hope it works out for you.
Good luck with speed running. Hope you stay involved in the community and maybe make a return someday.

On a side note, we're looking into creating creator incentives for people to feel more motivation to create the things they love. If anyone has any ideas, send us them at jake@donutteam.com
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