Every time I try to play a mission on "Steamed Hams" mod or "Storm Over Springfield" mod it freezes

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I tried disabling all the mods, but it still happens. I think i need the hack support or the that they require.

The "Donut Mod" doesnt gives me any errors. I will try with the "Cops: In Springfield" mod.
When does it freeze?
UPDATE: In the "Cops: In Springfield" mod happens the same.

The first mission: I can do it with no problems. But the problem is when i need to talk to someone to progress in the mission or start a mission. I'll try with the "Mistery Incorporated" mod and I'll try again with Donut Mod 4, just to see if is it a problem of my pc or is a problem of these mods.
UPDATE 2: Again with the "Mistery Incorporated" mod happens the same, with "Donut Mod 4" nothing happens, I mean everything works as it should.
Do you mean it just hangs indefinitely when talking to an NPC?

If so, do you have a non-English version of the game? If you do, then it's because these mods don't support those versions of the game while Donut Mod does.
The thing I mean is that when I talk to any NPC they literally don't talk and when I press Enter to skip the talk, nothing happens. And yes I have an spanish version of the game. How can I get one in English?
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