The "Microtransactions" Mod

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In anticipation for The Simpsons: Hit & Run 2 announcement at E3 (which I have a leaked GIF of), I decided to make a mod envisioning what EA and Epic might have in mind for such an anticipated sequel.

The game plays out mostly the same, but a new icon and text were added for all locked missions. All rewards required for missions have also had their in-game prices increased to add a new way for players to work harder to unlock the reward and give the player a sense of pride and accomplishment.

This affects the following missions:
  1. Level 1 Mission 3
  2. Level 2 Mission 6
  3. Level 3 Mission 4
  4. Level 3 Mission 5
  5. Level 4 Mission 3
  6. Level 4 Mission 6
  7. Level 5 Mission 3
  8. Level 5 Mission 4
  9. Level 6 Mission 6
  10. Level 7 Mission 2


Download now!

you've brought curse upon this holy land
What a creative idea for such... [PURCHASE ANY ITEM TO UNLOCK FULL REPLY] ...good job!
This is scary
Now, where's the Battle Royale mod?
If we ever have an actual multiplayer mod, it'll be there. I promise.
No thanks. I don't want to switch over from Piratebay to the Epic Games store in order to play the mod.
amazing mod, drained all of my money, im typing this from the streets using mcdonalds wifi as i have been evicted from my home, thank you for this experience

Guys, it's not that bad. It only takes 300 hours to purchase one thing.
Where’s the Steam mod where 75% of things are on sale?
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