Dialog.spt Code Generator

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Dialog.spt Code Generator

For a while now I've been using an automated program to speed up the process of adding voice lines into the game. This is a more user-friendly version of the program I was using and I hope others will find it useful.


  • The program takes .rsd files and automatically generates the code for the dialog.spt file.
  • To add the code to the file, you can copy and paste it or press the 'add to file' button for the program to do it for you
  • Move all the .rsd files into their directories inside your 'Custom Files' folder

How to use

Verbal communication is not my forte, and I tried to make the program very intuitive, but I still need to mention a few things about how it works:

  • Select a folder containing all the .rsd files you want to add, any files in the folder that do not end with ".rsd" will be ignored
  • All the .rsd files must be named correctly as the file name is important to generating the code
  • If the file begins with the letter 'C', then the program knows it is a conversation line and will generate the code directing it to the 'conversations' directory
  • If the file does not begin with the letter 'C', then the program will generate the code directing it to the characters directory
  • The program gets the name of the character from the dialog code in the file name
  • If the program comes across an unrecognized character code (i.e a custom character), then you will be prompted to enter in the name of the character
  • Automatically append the new code to dialog.spt or other text file
  • If you use the program to automatically add the code to the dialog.spt file, it will create a backup in case something doesn't work
  • If you want to move all the .rsd files into the right directory then you can use the 'move .rsd files' button and select the 'Custom Files' folder of your mod
  • The program will move all the .rsd files from their current location into the location specified in the generated code

Any issues, please tell me and I'll be sure to fix it because I do plan to do some revisions to this program later on. For now though I hope this first release will suffice and of course be aware that I'm not a professional software developer.

Dowload Here

I'm sure this'll help a lot of modders here, nice one Koal!
Will give it a try! It'll be very helpful, Koal!
Oh no, Koal has started posting. Run!

Good tool though.
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