How can I fix this error?

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No matter what mod I'm running in Hit & Run, this error doesn't stop appearing randomly in my computer. Is there something wrong with the game?
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Does the error appear when you start the game without any mods or settings enabled? For that matter, does the game start when you launch the game without Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher?
I'll have to try out. I'll update you later.
Are your coins set extremely high? If your coins are above 9,999,999 this message will appear and the game will close.

If you have the mod "Starting Coins" enabled, you may have it set extremely high. It's possible you're getting this message from collecting coins and going over the limit.
Well, I've played some mods for a while after setting the Starting Coins quantity a bit lower, and yes, that message no longer appears. Thanks! :)
Glad to hear, I've marked this thread as resolved.
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