Suggestions for SHAR - SVM mod Level 2.

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Hello, people!

So I started progress for level 1 for The Simpsons Hit & Run - Special Vehicle Missions mod, and since brainstorming for ideas that are doable by my set of skills was oblivious torment, I decided to include Level 2 into the mod and make 7 + 1 +3 more missions.

Bear with me people...

So I have a request to community, to suggest or state what they would like to experience in Level 2 of the mod:
• Car suggestions (please suggest only SHAR match cars, that can be edited into something new and fun)
• Mission plot suggestions (with a specific car)
• Perhaps a character for a mission for a car (I'll regret this if a new non-SHAR character will be requested)
• And so on, you get the point.

Also, I will question your suggestions and you will have to defend it.

Me myself I've been working on some new character costumes and designs that will be included in the mod and later on be available for download FOR FREE!

Would love to get some requests/suggestions before the clock chimes the End of June!

Thank you, have a great morning/day/evening!

P.S. new teasers are coming soon!
Not so sure about suggesting stuff, since my ideas are stupid, but here we go anyways

(There'll be only cars 'cause I'm lazy to describe mission plots, duh)
(Also I will potentially update this post to include more suggestions)
1. You can potentially turn a Hover car into a large drivable drill/laser gun/etc, I know, sounds ridiculous, but hey, a mission (or a couple) can definitely be based off this car
2. Adding some tracks to existing vehicles (School bus?) is probably a neat idea, you can make the car go slower, and thus you can create a "reach the goal with a dozen of enemy AIs following your ass" type of mission or smth similar
3. Creating a really slow car(Possibly add some armored plates to the model to explain the speed), then you can create an escort mission, in which the car you're supposed to escort is fast as hell, and since your vehicle's mass is bigger, you will need to push the car you're following into walls in order to proceed with the mission
A blend of all three Vehicles associated with Homer in the game, the Family Sedan, The Car For Homer, and the 70's Sports Car. A design I thought of for it is the same small Family Sedan model, but with the 70's Sports Car's textures, wheels, and headlights, and the roof and wheel-on-the-boot of the Car Built For Homer.
Here's my L2 mission idea:

Mission Plot: Mr Burns has sent Smithers to drive to car with a bomb attached to it to destroy a certain building for a certain reason (your choice)

Mission Task: Destroy Smithers car to collect the bomb and find somewhere to dispose of it (maybe throwing it off the side of the expressway.

Mission Vehicle: A modified version of Cletus' pickup truck (keeping the toughness the same but increasing the speed, acceleration and handling)
Here's my level 2 mission idea

Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo hijack three Plow Kings and cause chaos and havoc across Springfield

Bart must get in a highly modified school bus (much faster so you rush into the Plow Kings and damage them easier) in order to destroy The trucks
Ahoy, nate56mate,

Thank you for your suggestion, but I'm looking more for new content rather than modified original content (despite the Rocket Family Sedan). Yet, Bart won't be a player character.

Also, I think that we had enough Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo causing mischief and chaos missions through out other mods.

Thanks for the suggestion tho.
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