Too Many Cars Sold By Gil Causes You Not Be Able To Change Your Character's Clothes

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Hello Everyone! I'm In A Bit Of A Pickle With Making My Mod.

You See, I Have This Problem Where If You Add Too Many Cars For Gil To Sell In a Single Level, The Game Will Crash When You Go To Change Your Character's Clothes. I Realize That If I Delete Some Cars From Gil's Selling List I Can Change My Character's Clothing....

I Don't Know If There Is Any Way For Me To Bypass This....

I'm Making A Mod With Two Levels, With Half The Cars On One Level, And The Other Half On The Second Level (The Cars Are Retextured)

To Be Quick: Is It Possible To Add As Many Cars As You Want Gil To Sell In Multiple Levels Without The Game Crashing When You Change Your Character's Clothing?
Nevermind, I found Out The Reason, The Game Can Only Handle So Many Cars To Be Sold By Gil, So Some Of The Cars Don't Show Up In The Phonebooth making the game crash, (I Don't Really Know)

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