Update to Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and Reverse Engineering Guidelines

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Hello everyone,

Today we're going live with changes to several guidelines and the introduction of one new document.

Terms of Service

You can view it here: https://donutteam.com/about/terms

Two changes were made to our Terms of Service.

Change #1
Under "Forbidden Content", we've removed section 13 which previously prohibited reverse engineering any software released by Donut Team.

Change #2
Added the section "Reverse Engineering" which links to the new "Reverse Engineering Guidelines" page.

Community Guidelines

You can view it here: https://donutteam.com/about/community-guidelines

All staff titles were changed.
  • "Executive Staff" are now "Lead Staff members"
  • "Developers" are now "Development Staff members"
  • "Community Managers" are now "Moderation Staff members"
Additionally, we added rules in place for Lead Staff members voluntarily and involuntarily leaving. These changes are just for internal transparency and do not affect the end user.

Reverse Engineering Guidelines

We've released new guidelines for Reverse Engineering. You can view it here: https://donutteam.com/about/reverse-engineering

Donut Team Lead Staff
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