Ideas for a "Zootopia" themed mod

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I just wanted to say that Zootopia is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.

I also have vague ideas of a mod based on Zootopia being made for Hit & Run.

I can picture vehicles featured being Judy's meter maid scooter, Finnick's van, and a ZPD cruiser.

While I can see one playing as different characters, I am not sure if each character could be a skin, or if they have their own level like in the original game.

Another issue that comes to mind are the levels: would they be reskins of H&R's levels, or exclusive to the mod?

Anyway, this is just a cool little idea for a mod that I had. It'd also be cool if it could happen sometime.
[deleted user]1 year
what about incredibles 2 themed mod
Yeah, that'd be cool too. I have also seen a mod to play as Incredibles characters on YT.
Was that idea fueled by my profile pic?
Sounds like a good idea. Too bad there wasn't a Zootopia game
Of course there was. Judy and Nick were available for Disney Infinity.
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