Skinner's Taxi New Update

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My first mod Taxi Sedan.
the taxi sedan mod is a skinner sedan texture so you can play with it just download that my Link

Thanks MadameGenocide By the Inspiration for the upgrade

Why didn't you just edit your original post instead of deleting your other two posts and remaking it?
because 2 people got dislike and I was afraid to get off more
I didn't see any downvotes on your first post, but when you made the second one, you got downvoted because remaking the post was unnecessary.
but that's why
You're gonna end up having even more downvotes if you'll create a second post to "get rid off downvotes". Doubleposting's also not allowed, no matter how and why you doublepost
do not. is that I think I got downvotes because there was some mistake but I will not delete any of it.
Maybe one of the reasons why you got downvoted is because you haven't made the mod using the correct directory. The mod needs to be made correctly with the right file directory otherwise there is a chance that this mod will get removed. Your mod will not run in the launcher unless you do this. If you don't know how to make a mod this way, you can use Wills Mod Creator or ask on the discord server.

Here is a Link to the mod creator

If I had to guess, you were downvoted for distributing a file that you instruct others to overwrite the game files. That is a not okay within the community, we use Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher to mod the game as it makes it extremely organised and has additional functionality not found in the game. It also makes it so you don't have to replace your game files, which is super clean for the end user.

So a few things:
  1. I moved your thread from "Support" to "Mod Showcase" and then removed the link to your download as it is not in the correct format.
  2. Do not distribute mods that overwrite files in the original game, use the CustomFiles hack and the Mod Launcher. If you're distributing a mod resource, you may make a mod that does not contain a LMLM file/Mod Launcher format, but you may not advertise it by saying to overwrite files.

It's very easy to adapt this to work with the Mod Launcher.

Create a folder with your Mod Title.

Create a "Meta.ini" inside that folder with the following contents:
RequiredHack=CustomFiles ; Required to use Custom Files


Create another directory inside your mod's folder called "CustomFiles". In the folder "CustomFiles", make a folder called "art". In the "art" folder, make a folder called "cars" and in that folder supply your P3D file for the mod.

You can learn more by visiting

If you need any help, you can ask on this forum or on our official Discord server and someone would be happy to help.
I downloaded both files before the other posts got removed. They were all LMLM. He only got downvoted because he kept remaking this post. His first post was never downvoted.
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