Simon's Clungemobile from The Inbetweeners (Updated 06/07/2019)

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Morning benders.

Simon's Fiat Cinquecento Hawaii Edtion from the British comedy series, The Inbetweeners, also known as the "Clungemobile" or the "Piece of yellow shit" or any other name you can think of that include the words yellow and shit is now available to drive in Hit and Run.

It can go speeds up to 100mph, but don't tell Simon's dad that you have driven over 50mph in it.

You can buy the car from Gil for 300 coins. It replaces the CompactA so you will see it as traffic in other levels.

You can also yell "BUS WANKERS" at pedestrians by using the horn button.

This mod is decompilable so feel free to use it your mods, but please give me credit. Otherwise, I will tell Carly about that incident at the Caravan Club.

You can download the mod here.

For anyone who hasn't seen The Inbetweeners or have and want to feel the nostalgia, I have left some clips from the show below. I recommend watching it if you haven't already. But please don't watch the fucking god awful American remake.

"Neil did you wet yourself in my new car?"
I love that show
This is the greatest mod i have ever seen! Would it be cool if i make a youtube video showcasing it? I will make sure to credit you
Yh sure. You don't need to ask to do a video on any mod as long as its a public release.
Thanks bro
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