What are your favorite brand/flavour crisps?

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Not the usual forum post on this site, but I'm just curious about what people like.

These are my favourite.
mlg flavour
pringles, paprika Christmas edition
Interesting question.

Like NocturnalNathan, I like Pringles, specifically the Texas Barbeque flavour.
I like these flavours of pringles.

Paprika Pringles is pretty good gotta say
(Never tried any of these "special flavours" since there aren't any in Russia (ツ) )
Salt and Vinegar is my favorite flavour in general, tho anything Doritos is also among my favourites.
I like my spicy sweet chili Doritos the most.

My most fav I would always try to get is Miss Vickie's Flavored Potato Chips (Jalapeno)

I'm a bit late to this, but I probably gotta go with Ruffles.

I really don't like Pringles :(
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