The Simpsons Hit & Run - Special Vehicle Missions - [IN DEVELOPMENT!] (Updated: 10.14.2019)

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Hello, everyone,

I have some exciting news for you. I assume many of you know I'm working on a new mod - Special Vehicle Missions. Well I want to officially announce that sh*t is about to get real and this mod is actually happening! Woo!

I have decided a release date for the mod - August 31st! (might be delayed due to any unplanned, computer exploding, virus, adulthood and etc. circumstances).

Here are some of the teasers for the mod:
Teaser #1
Teaser #2
Teaser #3
Teaser #4
Teaser #5

Coming soon!

Also, we have a minor Bewitched Springfield update - minor adjustments, bug fixes and things and such, will upload full changelog once the update is released (I'm planning to release the update on August 2nd).

And more exciting news - I will be releasing any time soon character and vehicle bundles for you to either: a) include in your own mods (make sure to credit, or Willie will cover you muckers); b) just play with... it... whatever...

Stay tuned for more updates coming up.

Update 08.01.2019:
-BS update has been postponed to August 23rd.
-SVM release date is in calculation.

Update 09.09.2019
-BS update is cancelled due to reasons listed below.
-SVM mod is cancelled due to reasons listed below.
-So, I was forced to reinstall my windows for malware invasion, and I did not manage to backup my mods progress, so all my created content is gone. Since I started studying, I will have no time to re-begin making this mod and I have no motivation making it either. So this mod is (temporarily) cancelled. See you when I see you.

Update 09.15.2019:
-Updated mod poster.

Update 10.01.2019
-Updated links to the teasers.

Update 10.14.2019
-New teaser!

Looks like a lot of fun, can't wait to play it! :))
Cant wait XD
I've posted some updates at the end. Stay tuned for more updates.
[deleted user]1 month
Wow this sounds cool! Can't wait for the Rocket Sedan!
An update was posted.
[deleted user]1 month
That sucks! I can't believe that happened
[removed]1 month
Update 10.01.2019.
Update 10.14.2019.
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