weird bug?

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Hello when I've updated my Simpsons Hit & Run there's a weird thing going on where the default level cars have the characters in them.... for example if I go to level 3 the Malibu Stacy has Lisa already in the car.....

Here's a Picture of what I mean...

Here's the list of mods I have on...

Note: Titan's Garage is my custom mod that only changes the cars specs and the skins this cannot be the cause of this happening beacuse in older updates... this mod was fine and it didn't duplicate the characters
No Suppressed Drivers does exactly what the name implies. If you turn that off, the game will stop ignoring the suppressed drivers from level.mfk and you won't have Bart giving Bart a ride around town.
Thanks Homer! that was the cause of it... now I can finally drive without my evil twin doing the driving for me! 😂
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