Can someone make a noclip or free camera mod for Hit and Run?

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I REALLY want to have a free camera to look around at everything. If anyone knows how to noclip or get a free camera, please tell me.
Both of these options exist to some degree between the original game and Lucas' Mod Launcher.

In regards to a noclip feature, the Debug Test hack allows you to hold H in-game to disable certain types of collision both on-foot and while in a vehicle.

The extra camera angles cheat might have what you're looking for in a free camera. In order to use this on PC, you may need to use the Bug Fixes mod in the Launcher. Once that is active, launch the game and go to Options from the main menu. Hold F1, press Down Down Down Up on the arrow keys, and a horn noise should play to confirm correct entry. If you use a laptop this process may be different. Once you've done this, go in-game, pause, and select Options > Settings > Camera and switch this to Debug Cam. This camera uses your camera controls as set in Options > Controllers > Character Controls. I am unsure if Vehicle Controls affect this in any way.
The functions of the different keys line up directly with these settings and are as follows:
camera left - swivel left
camera right - swivel right
camera move in - swivel down
camera move out - swivel up
camera zoom - cycles through cameras until back to walker cam?
camera look up - modifier key
camera move in - move forward
camera move out - move backward
Entering or exiting a vehicle will require you to switch to Debug Cam again.
To add information on top of what Homer stated, if the keyboard/keypad you are using uses the F# keys as multimedia keys, then the FN key must also be held along with F1.

Additionally, it appears that certain keyboards/keypads interface differently with the game, and instead require you to press F1+FN together, release FN, and then (still holding F1) enter the code, and then press FN+F1 together again, otherwise all input is disabled by the game. It is unknown why this happens.
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