How to edit RCF

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How do I edit RCFs? The Lucas RCF Explorer only lets me explore and not change RCFs.

EDIT: Updated the link above to be the equivalent link on the new DT Docs.
I downloaded LRCFB but it says "No inputs spqcified. Press any key to continue . . ." and it closes again
Read the documentation.
I don't know what you mean by "Documentaion" There is nothing in the ZIP File and only the LRCFB.exe was in there. I read everything in the Introduction, Download, Command Line Arguments and Tutorials. Nothing helps me. I press any key and it goes away.
You need to use the command line arguments because it's a command line tool.

There's tutorials on the documentation here. You would put the instructions there in a command prompt window or a batch file (changing the paths to where ever you put the tool and your files/folders).

EDIT: Updated the documentation link above to be the equivalent page on the new DT Docs.
Thank you. I have a knowlege I need.
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