Springfield Noire 2: Reinvestigated [Level 2 Demo]

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Can't wait till its finished
Heads up people, a new demo is available!
Before I list the changes, here's a little announcement:
We've decided that the first four introductory missions are not enough for a demo, and since this is a full 3 level mod, we are aiming to release the first level in it's full glory(when it's done) as a demo. L2 and L3 will remain exclusive 'til the actual release
So, stay tuned for the next case!
Changelogs for demo 1.5:
Changed required launcher version to 1.22 since some users have been experiencing issues with 1.23
Fixed the ridiculous New Game cutscene crash, I'm still really anxious about cutscenes, so please let me know if it crashes again
M2 was heavily improved, it's not longer a plain boring follow mission, instead, it's something way better
Got rid off popup message texts
[s]Fort Crow Victory is back[/s]
Collector cards have been added!
A new costume is added to the costume shop!(be aware that scrapbook is not implemented yet)
The biggest improvement of all - VOICE OVER. That's right, Brown is no longer a silent protagonist! Although, it's still a heavy WIP, so be aware
Small text and graphical improvements
That's it, happy investigating, detectives!
Awesome work! , I like how now Gordon Brown has a voice, It really helps to build his character.
Screw everything else this update does, I'm here for the Crow Victory!
Hey there, time to announce the second demo's release!
It's better than the 1.5 one, as it features:
Case 2(Missions 4 and 5), complete with voicelines!
Also, there'll be no more Apu, that's right, we've finished sunday drive dialogues!
Also, I've added a new music to play during sunday drive
Minor changes include:
A couple of small graphical tweaks
Removal of bonus NPCs (they're out of bounds and inaccesible in demo)
And I've also added skeleton joints to buyable vehicles, so that you can use them during M0, M3 and M5 without game crashing due to invalid skeleton joints!

That's it, you can find the link in the main thread, good luck investigating the new case, detectives!
(Old saves aren't really compatible with demo 2.0, so, be careful out there!)
Hey there again, it's Gordon, and nope, the next demo's not ready yet
I came here to quickly brief you guys over what's happening in the team, and also ask for a little help with the mod!

So, seeing as the mod's not really popular I've decided to go crazy on fully customizing the game
At first, a couple of "new" areas has been added to the map
Secondly, we plan on adding some custom interiors to the game to spice up the regular "enter the station" routine (And probably some other missions, who knows?)
And thirdly, we plan on releasing a "cinematic-like" trailer of the mod this/next week

Also, if you're feeling like you could help - We're kinda short on beta testers as a lot of them were temporarily removed (due to IRL issues), so if you'd like to become a tester, contact me on Discord, or leave a message here and I'll try to contact you!
There are no requirements...Well, with the exception of two - Being active, and not distributing the mod files without permission, violating the latter will get you kicked out in an instant
Stay tuned for future updates!
Also, while we're on topic of status updates, here's a quick sneak peak
(Yep, it's the interior, and no, the lightning in the game will be a lot different)
(Made by Stevens100, huge thanks to him!)
Hey can I be a beta tester ? Pls thx
Heads up!
A cinematic (kind of) trailer was released today!
You can watch it in the main thread, currently, it describes the plot of the first demo, and even shows the brand new interior!
I have plans on releasing a second one, more "classical", gameplay trailer tomorrow/Saturday, so, stay tuned!
Post update, a new trailer was released!
This time it's more about gameplay, showcasing more of the interesting and cool stuff we've been working on
You can watch the trailer, again, in the main thread. Also, check out that nice cover art MorganVain(MadameGenocide) made for the mod!
The final demo will be released this September, so, see you there!
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