Krusty Burger Interior

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I do remember a krusty burger play area from the show.. Don't know if i was exaggerating or not.... this look like a good reference for what to put in it, that scene too
yes you can add new interiors into the game
Good idea with the LEGO set and the video also gives some ideas
Thank you.

@mason12310 Do you have a tutorial?
No sorry but you will probably find that if you into the discord server someone there would be able to help you

The reason I know you can add custom interiors is that a couple of mods has done this
In some episodes I saw the Jeremy Freedman or Teen on the counter so you can add it there hope to have helped.
There’s a Krusty Burger Interior in The Simpsons Game on Free Roam at about 1:19
@Kushty The Clown Thank you very much for this hint!
I adapted the interior to the Simpsons game and that's the result.

Looks Fantastic M8
[deleted user]4 months
What happened to this mod? Was it ever released?
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