Discussions for a full-scale Spongebob Hit and Run conversion?

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I was recently inspired by the one mission Spongebob conversion mod and was wondering if the creator of that or anyone else would help to create a full conversion with maybe multiple levels and playable characters, I feel it would be an awesome concept.
I think this type of mod is full on Nightbane's property, since he created it.
Yeah, back ages before I joined Donut Team and had even heard of the fact that the game had been modded, I used to think about that a SpongeBob SquarePants-The Simpsons: Hit & Run conversion would be like.
I mean, as neither Simpsons nor Spongebob is his property there is nothing that can stop a full-on conversion mod being made from another person, it would be a bit bad if I was, for example, stealing assets he created, but I wouldn't do that.
Nightbane is still actively working on Annoy Squidward as far as I know. The current public beta he has has 4 missions and a bunch of other content if you're just after more Spongebob content.

That said, he certainly doesn't hold the exclusive rights to make a Spongebob mod or anything. I don't see why someone else wouldn't be able to also make one if they wanted to as long as they don't directly rip off the story he made.
Well if he's still working on the mod to its fullest then it's probably best he did what he was doing and leave it at that, I was unaware that he was continuing it past the first mission
Rather than make a separate mod, why not approach Nightbane and ask to contribute to his mod
Funny you said that I actually did approach him and now I am helping him with 3D modeling! [So far we've gotten a remodeled Kwik-E-Mart exterior going]
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