Beta Testing Positions Open For An Unspecified Mod

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Hello, community.

I am looking for beta testers, who shall be tasked with testing and helping an unspecified "second-project mod" that I am currently working on.

In case you are curious or wondering, no, Mission Revamp Mod is not cancelled; development of both of these mods will be simultaneous. This mod is intended to be both a generally good mod, and also a means for me to test out and improve my skills with mod making and such.

I do not expect this to be a very difficult task to beta test, the mod isn't exactly very large, and is currently close to being at a state where I am happy to announce it.

Should you want to apply, either state so below, or contact me on Discord, my tag is DeepFriedBurger#2892

Have a nice day!

Current Beta Testers
  • Tappie2019
I shall apply! My profile on discord is a turtle+cow and I have friended you, for some reason discord doesn't allow poeple who aren't friends with eachother to dm
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