I need a MOD to get coins

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You need to start a new game in order for it to function. The mod does not override the amount of Coins accumulated on an already existent and loaded save file.
Deep, You mean with "New game" what do I have to start a new game?
Yes, you must start a new game.
Deep, Maybe there was the mistake, I will prove what you are saying
Huh? What does that mean? I don't understand.
I started the MOD but I didn't start a new game, I loaded the previous one
Oh. Yes, that would have been the mistake. Just start a new game with the mod enabled and set to your liking, and it should work.
Now it works, I have another question, do you know how I can delete a saved game? I have two saved games and I want to remove one

There is no way to delete a save game in-game, but you can overwrite it by starting a new game, and saving over the slot which contains the save that you want to remove. Alternatively, if you just want the save flat out gone, then there is a way to remove it outside of the game.

If the save is for the base game, then go to your copy of the game's directory, and there will be files titled "SaveX" (where X is replaced with the number of what slot the game is saved to). Right click it and delete it.

If the save is for a mod, then the process is the same, except the directory is Documents -> My Games -> Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher -> Saved Games -> MOD NAME.
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