Mod that brings up save prompt after every mission?

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SHAR doesn't have any autosave feature, and often times I play a mod from this fourm and it crashes. It's more often than not that I forget to save, and I have to do difficult missions all over again. I know that the prompt always happens after mission 7, so is it possible for a mod like this to exist for all the missions?
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That's not what that hack does. The Save State hack allows you to save the exact state of the game into keyframes which when loaded will bring you to that exact state in the game (including the mission, mission progress, stage progress, player position, car position, AI position, etc.). It essentially allows you to rewind time if you make a mistake. This doesn't sound like what the OP is looking for.

Edit: This was in response to a deleted post.
This feature doesn't currently exist and it cannot be provided by mods for the Mod Launcher at this time.
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